Monday, April 30, 2007

Featured IR Photographer Showcase - Jesus Valenciano

For this Featured Photographer Showcase we move off in a different direction. IR Photography offers so much creative freedom for the artist, and there are many directions that can be taken in Post Processing after the image has been captured. The artist is truly set free to use imagination and creativity to it's fullest. We are not limited to the expectations of the more traditional Visible Color Photography world. Some of us choose to target our IR work to Black and White, or some of the many monochromatic tones. Some artists like Jesus choose to take the craft to the ethereal and dreamy world of false colors, still retaining the look and feel of images captured in Infrared. Enjoy and marvel at the stunning work Jesus has produced, and relax and visit places and scenes that he finds in his native Spain and Europe. Welcome Jesus.

Bio: Hi! I am relatively new to photography. I had 2 SLRs when I was in the university but I will say I never took this seriously enough to be on the serious amateur league.

I rediscovered the photography in my late thirties. My first digital camera was a Sony F505 but I only started to take it serious 3 years ago with a Sony F828. Since the very beginning I was hooked by the IR possibilities of the camera and I converted the F828 for full IR capabilities last year.

I am now using a Sony R1 for colour and the F828 for the IR work, only problem is the weight and space when we go holidays, but compared to 2 DSRLs + lenses would be worst.... and that my wife and children are not very happy about we stop for 20 minutes each time I see a scene that I like. :-)

I live in Madrid, Spain, and a significant part of my photography is from Madrid area but you will also find pictures from other areas of Spain and Europe.

I am a fan of coloured IR. Since I started with IR I have put most of the work to build techniques and workflows for colouring IRs from the F828.

I am actually using different techniques that combine filters (ND400, red or X-nite filters instead of normal IR Hoya-RM72), shooting RAW and post-processing.

What I love from IR photography is that since there is not a “real world” to match, I feel I have all the freedom in IR to play and trick colours and create dreamy atmospheres.

And now I leave you with my work. I hope you enjoyed.


And here's a Link to Jesus' Gallery.

Gallery with my preferred IRs:

Copyright Statement: All Images and materials displayed and showcased here, are copyrighted and are the exclusive property of the artist. Images and material may not be reproduced or used in any way without the written consent of the artist.

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Let Jesus know how much you enjoy and appreciate his Fantastic IR Work!

-=- Jerry -=-


Bruce said...

Jesus, your IR creations are just magnificent. I love their crystal clear definition and sharpness along with their subtle, beautiful shades of color.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! What wonderful work. I am completely intrigued. Thanks for your bio and these fantastic samples of your work. MAL from OLP

Ovan said...

Jesus, I've always admired your work! I hope to be in the same league someday :-)

Kort said...

Jesus, you are a very talented photographer. It was a pleasure to tour your gallery and impossible to pick a favorite, though Neuschwanstein was quite impressive.

Gary Retterbush (busch) said...

Jesus, I have always been impressed with your work but these are the cream of the crop! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding color only wish is that there was more to see. Thanks for sharing your gallery with us.

Jesus Valenciano (JesusV) said...

Bruce, MAL, Olivier, Kort, Gary, Thank for your kind comments and feed back. It makes me happy you enjoyed the gallery it's encouraging and rewarding.

Kort I also appreciated your comment at smugmug. I have enjoyed your galleries and specially macros, “Butterfly Egg on Passionflower Vine With Spider Lurking” is breath taking.

Olivier in one hand you are that are right that you on a different league but on the other I do not understand why you want to leave the premier league. :-)

Gary I hope we can meet soon and have a joint shooting day. Let’s try this year.


Anonymous said...

Jesus...I was anonymous and totally messed up when sending my comment to you. Thanks so much sharing your beautiful color IR.


Jesus Valenciano said...

Andrea... Thanks very much for your kind words... but I will miss the first "anonymous admirer" I ever had. :-) Jesus

TW Mok said...


Your IR photographs are just magnificient! I'm just getting into it but have been shooting on & off for a while. The few samples here are more than enough to encourage & inspire me!

Thank you,
TW Mok