Sunday, December 9, 2007

Featured IR Photographer Showcase - Bevan Badcott

Once again we travel to Australia, the "Land Down Under" as they so aptly describe it. Graphic Artist, Bevan Badcott allows us the pleasure and privilege to take a peek at his wonderful IR work. Bevan currently shoots with a Fuji S5600, a camera we have, so far, not encountered in any of the previous Features. The continent of Australia is a obvious wonderland for the IR Photographer. I'm sure that, like myself, you would love to visit down there someday, and really put your IR gear to work. Please welcome Bevan Badcott.

Bio: I was born in the UK in 1951, and was raised to appreciate nature and wildlife. I was fortunate to have a gift for drawing and used this to further my passion for native flora and fauna. My Father was a keen photographer but in my earlier years I concentrated my efforts on graphite renditions of animals. I emigrated to Australia in 1971 and was immediately awe struck by the diversity and beauty of the Australian bush. When digital came along I found the use of this medium beneficial to my work as a graphite artist in gathering reference material. With the progression of my interest in digital photography I came across a website featuring infrared photographs and was absolutely blown away by the fantastic transformations that can be achieved when using this method. I purchased a modified Fuji S5600 and started literally finding IR subjects everywhere. I hope you like my work, and that it inspires you to try shooting in this medium.

Here is a Link to my IR Gallery

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Bruce said...

Lovely landscape work in IR, Bevan.

Kort said...

Such wonderful IR photography Bevan, I am impressed and inspired. That image with the non-ir plumeria bloom gives me ideas and that photo of the trellis over the path with that cloudy sky is just awsome!

kim hambor said...

I enjoyed your images. I too am an infrared enthusiast and have recently posted my own infrared website at You can tell I live in Florida.

Thanks. Kim Hambor