Sunday, November 29, 2009

Featured IR Photographer Showcase - Francisco

Greetings IR Shooters. Once again, it's been quite some time since anyone has contacted me to have their work Showcased on the IR Buzz. I don't think that it says anything about a general lack of interest in IR Photography, but rather reflects how busy and diverse our lives are these days.  In any case,  I am very pleased that talented IR Photographer, Francisco Jose Marin Fatuarte sent me an email offering to let us all view his extensive IR work. Francisco lives in Sevilla, Spain, and it is very apparent that he has some first-rate IR locations to choose from. Francisco has developed and specializes in Panoramic Infrared Photography.  Let us give a warm welcome to Francisco to The IR Buzz!

 Bio:  It is always difficult to write about yourself and especially if you are using a foreign language. You are supposed to give personal data and details of your photographic techniques.

  But that information is probably boring for most readers. I prefer to talk about my experience and my personal view of life. 
  I was born in Sevilla (Spain), where my home has always been; although I love traveling I believe my homeland is second to none. My character is away from being like a standard Andalusian. I like feast and sleeping siesta but keep my feelings deep inside even with my close friends. Since I became my own boss three years ago, my life is involved in a more creative and artistic world, leaving a stressful engineering job behind. 

  From my first pencil drawings and oil painting when I was a teenager, the attraction for artistic expression has always pushed me in the same direction. I started in photography as many others with an old manual reflex camera (in this case it was a Fujica), and soon started processing my own films and prints. My first enlarger was made of balsa wood and black card box, which didn’t last very long, but helped me to obtain enough self-confidence to start many other projects.

  I am reaching a half of a century in less than a couple of years and have plenty of experience in photography with an extensive collection of cameras and other photo related pieces of equipment.  Panoramics, pinhole, fish-eye lenses, cross processing, and many other techniques are behind my fondness for artistic expression.  I have always being amazed by Surrealism, and even though photography is intended for recording the "real" world I try to use it for extreme deformation and abnormal appearance.

  The beginning of my IR experience was in 1999 using a Kodak 1.5 MPX camera but I soon discovered that tripod, long exposure, and soft images were not the way to go for me.  Some time later I discovered HIE film and Infradol developer allowing me to use my panoramic cameras hand-held. I always have my equipment ready for a new infrared experience since then.

Some favorites of my own IR images:


Francisco's Images can be view at his Photo Galleries

Seville Holy Week

Gallery of IR Panoramas 

Gallery - Summer of 2007 

Panoramics in WPS 

Panoramics in PI 

Read more about Francisco 

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Please let Francisco know how much you enjoy and appreciate his fantastic IR Photography!

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Bruce said...

Francisco, you have an excellent eye for composition and contrast. I enjoyed your online albums very much. Thank you for sharing.


Francisco said...

Thank you Bruce. I have purchased a batch of HIE 120 from Dean Bennici and I hope I will soon display some 6x12 IR panoramics !!

Louis Nicholas Retnam said...

Awesome pictures.
I've also recently got myself into IR Photography.
Thanks for sharing :)

Louis Nicholas