Sunday, September 16, 2007

Featured IR Photographer Showcase - Peter De Rycke

For this Featured Showcase we have the privilege of a visit to Belgium and the stunning IR work of photographer and artist Peter De Rycke. Peter states: "I live in Oostende, Belgium (in the Flemish part) .. most pictures were taken in the low country (Polders) around my town, in the Polder region north of Bruges (where you find the flat landscape cut by ancient tree-lined canals) and on the beach (Oostende is a port-town situated along the Channel between Europe and Great-Britain." So, join me in a wonderful pictorial visit to Peter's homeland and a beautiful part of the world. Welcome Peter!

Bio: I am a 44 year old family man. I started my digital photography career back in 2002, and was immediately bitten by the virus. After one year with Fuji S602, I acquired my first DSLR in 2003. The Canon EOS 300D provided me with a much wider range of possibilities in photography. At the same time I skilled my knowledge of Photoshop to get more out of pictures.
In 2005, Pbase learnt me more about a branch of photography that was previously unknown to me: Infrared Photography. For this purpose I bought a second-hand Sony F717 with a Hoya R72 filter, completed with 2 ND filters. And, a new world was opening to me. Every season offered spectacular views, both in sky and on earth. Unreal and earthy pictures were the result.
The immediate future of my IR career has taken a 180° turn. After the breakdown of my beloved Sony, I had my 3-year old Canon 300D converted for dedicated infrared photography. After having taken some test-shots for finding the right custom white balance, I am up and running with this camera. It produces stunning results which are of course quite different than those from the Sony, but therefore not in the least less interesting. But it is a completely different brand. A big difference for me are the lenses that I can combine with the 300D. I use a 17-40L and a 70-200L, and the apertures and shutterspeeds which are as with a normal colour camera. There are only 3 points that I have to bear in mind aiming at a shot with the 300D.

I use manual focus, as the autofocus is not so accurate anymore.

I have to over expose 2-3 stops on most scenes.

I do not see the IR light through the viewfinder, so i have to judge the result (and exposure) via the display + histogram information.

But after some test-runs, I got quite used to these "drawbacks", and I already had 2-3 photo-shoots where I used the IR cam 100% of the time.

Some of my favorite IR Photos are:

You can visit Peter's IR galleries at:

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Let Peter know how much you enjoy and appreciate our visit to his part of the world and his Amazing IR Work!

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Bruce said...


Thanks for sharing your gorgeous IR work with us. Your trees are magnificent, and your use of the portrait orientation is one of the best I've seen.

oVan said...

Hi Peter, great to discover your beautiful photos here! We share the same location and passion, because I shoot the same region (Ostend, polders and Bruges).

patsy latscha said...

Peter, wonderful work you have shared, very impressive, I am not usually that fond of false color IR but your color work is very well done and I enjoyed it muchly.

arry gman said... the only word I had after seeing all your work Peter, interesting side of photography I have to try (I am thinking about it already anyway). But, converting my camera into IR type of camera probably will not happen soon. I love all your work an willing to learn about IR photography. Warm regards from Indonesia

lsmartin90 said...

... Peter, nice to find you here to keep on admiring your awesome work..thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge..

Best regards, Luis (lsmart)