Monday, March 12, 2007

How to have your own work Featured Here

I’m proud to kick off the section that I think will be the most successful and popular part of my Blog. Namely, “The Featured IR Photographer Showcase”. I firmly believe that people need a special place to showcase their Good, High Quality IR Photography. IR shooters of every skill level will definitely benefit from the opportunity to view the work of the many skilled Photographers out there who have this special interest in Infrared.

So, the first Featured Photographer I am selecting is ….. Me!

Yes, myself, and with a special purpose in order to get this section of the Blog off the ground. This first one will serve as a template for you to review and understand what I will need from you to select You as a Featured Photographer!.

Featured Photographer: Jerry Kneupper (I will need your name, obviously).

Personal Bio: I have been interested in photography since the day I saw my first 35mm camera in a college graphic arts class. It was completely manual, it didn’t even have a built in light meter! After I returned from service to my country, I took advantage of the “G.I. Bill” and enrolled in some classes at the local Junior College. Luckily for me, Dr. John Boykin taught the B&W evening photography classes. Having purchased a Petri 35mm SLR while in the service, I set about learning about photography and how to use the 35. Dr. John was a tremendous instructor, and I gained a lifelong love and appreciation for photography from his classes. Life, marriage, and children, intruded greatly on my time for the hobby, and I believe if it were not for the advent of Digital Cameras a few years ago, I would not have experienced this renewed interest in the craft. Along with digital, came the surge of the internet, discussion boards, and many new and knowledgeable friends. Of course, along the way, I started reading about the possibility of shooting in IR, and I just had to try it. I always felt that I wanted to start up a web site or “something” online to share everything we know about IR. I decided to give the Blog a try, and the rest is, as they say, history.

My favorite Infrared Images: (pick out 3 to 6 images from your publicly viewable gallery to display here).

My Gallery of my Best Infrared Work: (the gallery must be publicly viewable and directly linkable).

My IR Gallery

Copyright Statement: All Images and materials displayed and showcased here, are copyrighted and are the exclusive property of the artist. Images and material may not be reproduced or used in any way without the written consent of the artist.

So, there you have it, a very simple package. Everything I will need from you to be considered for selection in a periodic “Featured IR Photographer Showcase”. You probably already have a public gallery up of your best work, or you could easily assemble one from your existing online galleries. Please size your images as you would for posting in other forums. 640x480 pixels or close will be acceptable.

Email me with your package submission.

My email policy: Email me at infraredbuzz at gmail dot com. In order for me to keep valid email messages and dispense with spam you MUST include this "secret handshake" in the subject line. "scooter" (my cat's name). So for example: your subject line would look something like this "scooter hey Jerry I have IR info for you". If I don't see that word somewhere in the subject line, into the cosmic bit bucket goes the email, no exceptions (unless I happen to recognize your email addy). Thanks for your understanding. I expect a lot of unfamiliar email traffic.

-=- Jerry -=-


Bruce said...

A showcase for featured IR photogs is a great idea. Maybe as part of their "background" in photography and IR, they could reveal some of their IR secrets -- both hardware and software. Just a thought. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks much Bruce. That's a great idea, and I will certainly include anything appropriate that I get from the artist.

What do you think of asking for "guest articles" from readers that might go into more depth than what you'd want to include in a Bio?

Thanks again for the look.

-=- Jerry -=-

Anonymous said...

Love the emotion of the diner.

Well captured...


Greg said...

Interesting work. I have shot some IR with a camera I purchased last year solely for IR. It is an OLY 2020Zoom with Hoda R72 attached. I have not done much, but I do love the colors of IR when processed correctly.

Greg said...

I love the work of the IR photogs.

I have done some myself with an OLY C2020Zoom, I purchased solely for IR last year.

Look forward to reading and learning from you guys.

Here is my work.

Have a Beautiful IR Day!!

Infrared Photography Buzz said...

Beautiful work Greg!

Nald said...

Hi! I intend to be an IR Freak here in Cebu, Philippines. I just got my 1st IR Filter 3 weeks ago... but i got overwhelming positive response on my 1st test shots...


once the weather goes back to being IR-friendly, i'll shoot more IR...

Fred said...

Awesome web site love your IR photos.
Book marked.

Just one request...Post more images!!!

Brian said...

Hello Jerry
What you have a great site here and I think your pics are great.

I have a recently converted Nikon D70 and have taken a few experimental shots.

I am now tweaking in photoshop to make them presentable.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jerry,
Just doing a bit of net surfing and found your blog. I have a Sony F707 question for you. First I love the camera. Except for one damn thing. It doesn't shoot in black and white. It there a mod or hack to solve this so it can be done in camera? Also what cameras are on par with the 707? Perhaps other older Sony models like the R1. Thanks much.