Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yahoo Infrared Photography Group

Today I want to talk about the Yahoo Infrared Photography Group.

This group was perhaps the first dedicated Internet IR Photography Community. It was started in June 2003 by Al Butler. Al is still an active and contributing member, but got he busy with other things, and in March 2005 he turned over the reins to Jules Alexander. You have probably seen Jules posting around the web with the handle “lulalake”.

When Jules took over the membership of the group, interest in IR shooting was fairly small. But as awareness of IR digital photography grew, so did the membership, and, as of this writing, it is around twelve hundred members world wide. Initially the group was all digital, but as time went on Jules folded in an IR film group so that it now covers both, digital and film infrared photography. Film and Digital are very similar in some ways, very different in others.

The group has several databases, one with over 50 IR capable, and not so capable cameras, one of lenses that create/exacerbate the dreaded "hot spot", one filter equivalency, and a few more which you will find valuable to peruse.

Members range from absolute beginners in IR Photography, to extremely knowledgeable pros, authorized camera mfg. reps., computer jockeys, forensic scientists, farmers, artists, mechanics, …. you name it, they are represented.

The group’s goal is simple; to hang out, swap stories, share and learn about infrared photography.

Please visit and throw in your 2 cents or take out a couple of shiny pennies if you like.

The link to the Group is:
Yahoo Infrared_Photography Group/

You can also find the URL in this Blog's "Useful Links" section, making it easy to find at any time.

Thank you for all of your efforts to further the knowledge, Jules!

-=- Jerry -=-

Reference material provided by and courtesy of: Jules Alexander

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