Sunday, August 26, 2007

Featured IR Photographer Showcase - David Twede

This time I'm I sitting here wondering what I can write that is deserving of the privilege we all have here, getting to see and appreciate the awesome work of all of the Featured IR Photographer Showcases. The diversity, and variations of the work of these artists is something to behold. The talent just flows out of these Features. This one is no exception. Our privilege to view David Twede's work is something to be most thankful for. All of the artists have developed their own "IR Style". No one is "better" than the other, and we have seen false color, toned, and black and white, used so effectively that we just can't help being inspired and moved to go out and improve our own work. David shows us a masterful use of False Color in his images. Please join me in my appreciation of his work. Welcome David!

Bio: Since childhood, David Twede has been interested in the visual arts, finding inspiration and a connection between the distorted representations of post-impressionism & surrealism and his own night and daytime dreams. When he saw his first infrared photo a few years ago, he was intrigued by the altered nature it provided.

During his career, David, a scientist by day, has worked in imaging and experiments in his art using the knowledge obtained at work, adapting its perspective to infrared lighting. He believes that scientific research complements his artistic pursuits by encouraging new outlooks and incorporating new information into the creative process.

In 2005, David began his journey into photographic art when he visited his childhood home in Hawaii. He had acquired a Canon G1 second hand and learned that it was capable of capturing infrared images without modification. It wasn't until he photographed through an R72 filter there that he found a connection to his former life. It was a revelation how much more connected he felt to his memories through the infrared representation than the real one. It was as if the imprints of his childhood were left in the dreams he'd had there.

Presently, one motivating factor behind David's photography is the preservation or recording of landscapes that are disappearing due to over - and poor development of dwindling natural resources. A piece on his website in the Colorado album, entitled Vanishing Ranch is of a ranch in eastern Colorado Springs that was sold for development. He visited the site on an afternoon that quickly turned from clear to cloudy. The change heightened his sense of it's uncertain future and capturing it in infrared highlighted the storms sweeping the old houses and rock formations.

Most recently, David shoots with an infrared-converted Canon Pro1 and creates color infrared art with models, experimenting with people and settings under surreal lighting. His work is presently represented at Pine Creek Gallery in Old Colorado City, and is or has been displayed at a variety of public and commercial avenues, including the featured artist at the Colorado Springs airport and county library. His work has been the subject of articles in the Colorado Independent and Shutterbug Magazine.

You can visit his sites at:

Surreal Color

Surreal Models

Some of David's Favorite Photos:

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Elizabeth said...

Dramatic, beautiful and surreal.

John McDonough said...

Nice work Dave. Love the second last landscape - beautiful!


Bill Gerrard said...

Awesome work David. I always enjoy viewing your images and the inspiration they give me to go out and shoot IR.

Kort said...

Stunning work David, I am a big fan. :o)

vernes said...

really beautiful colors!! i love the first 3 IR images


Charlie said...

David, the color is so rich, it makes other infrareds seem dreary.