Sunday, February 15, 2009

Featured IR Photographer Showcase - Ruel Tafalla

This time the Feature is on IR Photographer Ruel Tafalla who brings us stunningly colored IR images from his current home in Florida, as well as the Philippines, and various countries in and around Indonesia. Ruel currently shoots with a modified Canon 30D, and various filters. Quoting from his pbase gallery, "using a modified Canon Camera, with this modification, I can shoot Infrared like images at faster shutter speeds compared to using IR filters mounted on the lens which needs a tripod due to it's slow shutter speed. The camera is modified to shoot 30% IR + 40% Visible light + 30% UV. The result are very saturated yellow leaves, blue skies and 80% normal skin tone". And, "the photos that have a brown tint or almost BW IR, a red filter is used, Shutter speed is still fast enough for hand held shots" . Please welcome Ruel Tafalla.

Bio: I live in South Florida for almost 9 months now. I have been shooting Infrared for almost a year. I am using a canon 30d modified to shoot infrared only. I like shooting landscapes in IR and in Color. I have been doing this hobby since 2001. I learned Photography in Indonesia in which I lived for 10 yrs. I learned photography by reading books from John Shaw. I got hooked in Infrared when I saw my good friend Kristupa Saragih shooting infrared. (Kristupa Saragih is the founder of the biggest Indonesian Photography Community "") I was mesmerized with the images he produced, the rest is history. I like to shoot infrared Landscapes that have bodies of water. It gives a nice overall effect on the image specially if the there is a reflection of the landscape itself in the water. My Favorite place to shoot Infrared here is Morikami Japanese Garden, GreenCay Wetlands and Boynton Inlet. One of the biggest thing that happen to me this year is winning the Palm Beach Post Focus on Nature Contest, in which I won the First Place on the Oceans Category (non IR) and getting featured in Photography Magazines (3x) for my Infrared Photos.

A few of my favorite IR Photos:

Ruel's IR Gallery:

Infrared Dreams

Ruel's Blog

Ruel's IR on Flickr

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Let Ruel know how much you enjoy and appreciate his fantastic and colorful images in IR!

-=- Jerry -=-


Romy Olarte said...

Just proud to have a Pinoy to get recognized internationally in a specialize type of photography.

Mabuhay ka Ruel!


Ruel Tafalla said...

Thanks Jerry for this feature.

Thanks Romy.


Dennis S. Rito said...

Congratulations, Ruel!

TriZone said...

Am proud as well...and Ruel is such a humble and very simple guy...yet stunning are his photographs.

Ruel Tafalla said...

Thanks Dennis and Trizone.


Bruce said...

Ruel, as I've said before: your IR photographs are most creative and inspiring. Please keep up the excellent work.

Ruel Tafalla said...

Thanks Bruce, coming from you, its an honor.


masteroppuppets said...

Very proud of you Sir!

Vernes said...

congratulations ruel. i've always been a fan of your IR images. keep it up!!

Sherwin Andal said...

your takes are always amazing.