Sunday, July 15, 2007

Featured IR Photographer Showcase - Joseph Levy

For our next Featured IR Photographer Showcase we introduce an IR Shooter who hardly needs an introduction to anyone who started IR Photography and followed the Sony Talk Forum on dpreview. Joseph is quite well known for his publication of IR Post Processing steps to achieve the false color images with blue skies and white foliage. His pbase account must have recorded a Jillion hits by now from people like myself who started out shooting IR with the Sony Nightshot cameras, and then didn't know what to do in post processing. Joseph is probably closer to having achieved "Cult Status" than anyone I know from the IR Community. From day one, this site's "Useful Links" has included a link to his now famous step-by-step post processing suggestions. Joseph resides in the Carolinas, and has a number of Galleries available for your perusal and inspiration. Joseph's work is truly "World Class". Welcome Joseph!

Bio: My Name is Joe Levy. Photography has been my serious hobby for the last 6 years. I discovered infrared photography 4 years ago. I began shooting IR with a Sony DSC-F717, and am now using a Sony DSC - V1. These might seem like outdated cameras but they sure get the job done with IR. I really love infrared. I feel that the images have an other worldly feel. I shoot most of my IR photos around the coastal areas of South and North Carolina. One of my favorite areas for IR is at Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet SC. Its beautiful sculpture gardens and grand oaks make for great IR subjects. I also shoot with a Canon 20D and have had limited IR success with it, so I always keep my little Sony handy for any situation. I have also put together a work flow for IR images taken from the Sony 717/V1. The work flow changes the images from the pale green originals into the beautiful blue sky and white foliage images seen in my gallery.

Here are a few of my Infrared Images, Hope you enjoy!

Visit Joseph's many IR Galleries:

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Let Joseph know how much you enjoy and appreciate his ground breaking IR Work!

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oVan said...

Jozef, thank you for your beautiful and inspirational photos! I used to work with a V1 also, but the limited battery time made me jump to a V3 bought on eBay, it's the same great camera yet it's improved in a number of ways (much longer battery life, faster operation, bigger lcd).
Kind regards,

John said...


I love your composition - you have a fine eye. And off course the colour is beautiful.


Niek said...


beautiful pictures, especially those from the Brookgreen gardens! Looks like an IR photographers paradise there. I remember visiting your website last year, very inspirational! After visiting again I'm now experimenting with your color IR workflow. My modified 717 makes whitebalanced IR pictures instead of the green Nightshot flavor, so I have to make some changes but it sure looks promising.

Anonymous said...


Your Brookgreen gardens gallery is truly amazing!

Your work was an inspiration when I first discovered IR and I struggled trying to reproduce your workflow in the 828, the workflow didn’t work but your results were the target.