Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Featured IR Photographer Showcase - Michael Moody

Hello loyal IR Buzz readers. Don't you think it's about time to offer up a new Featured Photographer? Well I do, and I apologize for taking so long to publish a new Feature. Personal circumstance has consumed my free time lately, and I have been neglecting putting anything new up on the Buzz as far as Features go. Don't worry, nothing bad has occurred in my life, I've just been "busy around the house" constructing a yard storage shed. It's been a satisfying process, as well as having called upon my creativity with sticks of wood. It's about finished, and with our daytime temperatures of 105+F lately, it's getting too hot to be outside working anyway.

I've been receiving a renewed interest from you, my readers, to have a Feature published about your work. For this I am most grateful. Please do not be shy about submitting your IR work and asking for a Feature. This is really a large part of what the Buzz is all about. The world should be seeing the good things you are doing.

I received a very nice email inquiry from Mr. Michael Moody, which I just immediately had to say to myself, 'this stunning work must be presented to the Buzz readers'. Michael says, " I've lived in Portland, Oregon for the last 21 years. Each year from April through October, I love photographing the landscapes around the Pacific Northwest. But November begins the rainy season here, so that's when I like to travel to other photographic locations. I particularly like the desert southwest of the USA for photography in the fall, and I've been all over S.E. Asia. I am planning to visit Indonesia this fall, my first trip overseas since I began using converted DSLRs for infrared. "

Bio: D. Michael Moody: I became interested in photography as a high school student, bored in study hall. The chemistry teacher asked if I would like to see him working in the darkroom, since I was obviously not much interested in studying. From the first instant I saw a B+W print image slowly appear in the developer tray I knew I wanted to make my own photographs. My first photo gig was student photographer for the high school yearbook. I went on to get a degree in Photojournalism, and eventually made my way from news photography into medical photography, where I've been for the past 27 years. As a medical photographer, many of my assignments are to document processes and procedures in a very straightforward and dry style with no room for artistic expression. So when work is over, I like to get more creative in my photography and that's where Infrared comes in. I started using Kodak's HIE in the late 1970s, later trying the EIR when I had a few extra bucks to spend. I went through a period of about 10 years shooting Konica IR B+W on a Mamiya RB67. That was a big rig to take backpacking!

With the advent of digital IR, I started out putting a Hoya R72 filter on my Canon G3 and Nikon d70. While encouraged by the results, it wasn't until I had Lifepixel convert my d70 to full time IR that I became totally addicted. I now shoot with a Lifepixel 665 Nikon d80 and a 400 Nikon d80. Here are a few of my favorite images. I hope you enjoy them.

Here's a Link to My IR Galleries

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Be sure to comment freely to Michael's stunning false color and B&W IR work!

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Bruce said...

Michael, your IR work is always inspiring to me. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Stunning IR photos !!

Danielle said...

Hello fellow Portland OR IR photographer! *waves*

Steve said...

Nice work, I especially enjoyed looking at your galleries.

I too have a converted near IR D70 and recommend it to anyone as an easy and not very expensive way to go.

Kort said...

Awsome work Michael.
I love your use of intene color.
You been able to shoot in some might nice locations.

Dr Renzo said...

Magnificent IR Photos.
Enjoyed your galleries.

Victoria said...

It was one of the photos shown above that inpsired me to give IR a try.

Anonymous said...

wow You are great !

xo xo,