Sunday, October 28, 2007

Featured IR Photographer Showcase - Bruce Burton

Digital Infrared Photography, although maturing rapidly, is definately an aspect of photography that is more open to experimentation than just about any that I know of, or in fact, can think of. For this Feature our artist Bruce Burton takes an almost unusual traditional approach in IR, and shoots a traditional subject, Architecture. Specifically the architecture in and around Ft. Worth, TX. Many of us IR shooters have no doubt noticed the nice textures and tones that we get from various buildings. But, I think Bruce is one of the few artists who has concentrated his IR work on Architecture. This is not to say that he limits himself to only one genre, as Bruce has many stunning IR shots of all sorts of subjects in his portfolio. I think you may find yourself inspired to add a few more architectural shots to your own body of work after you study Bruce's gallery. You will at least be more attuned to the possibilities as you travel around your own cities. Please welcome Bruce Burton.

Bio: I live in Fort Worth, Texas and work as a college teacher. I snapped my first digital photo in Spring, 2002, using an HP C200 1MP camera. Since then I’ve owned a half dozen different cameras. Currently, I use a Sony DSC-H2 for color and a modified Sony DSC-F707 to take infrared photos. I’ve only been shooting IR since April, 2006. Initially, I just used the F707 in the Nightshot Mode, but last Spring I had it converted by Maxmax to IR plus visible.

One abiding interest I have in both color and infrared photography is architecture. Obviously, buildings and man-made structures don’t move around, so I’m able to consider more carefully the best situation for each photograph and return again and again to capture different perspectives and lighting. I believe infrared works especially well in architecture because an object which in the visible color range appears drab and ordinary no matter the natural lighting can really emerge much more dramatically in the infrared spectrum to become quite extraordinary.

All the current photos in my online infrared Pbase albums were taken with the Sony F707. My post processing has been a mixed bag as I’ve changed methods and workflow several times. I am still in hardest part of the digital IR photography learning curve; consequently, I’m most humbled to be asked to share my photos with this blog’s audience. Thank you for viewing them, and I welcome any suggestions you might have.

Here are a few of my own Favorite IR Photos.

Gallery of my Architectural Photos

Gallery of my Landscapes Photos

I also want to include a link to Bruce's Photo Blog. Although not entirely dedicated to IR, Bruce posts a lot of IR, and I have always enjoyed viewing his photos there.

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Let Bruce know how much you enjoy and appreciate his Architectural images in IR!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the feature Bruce! Very deserving.

boogie said...

A very big welcome Bruce to Jerry's IR Photographers Showcase.