Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Most Significant Web Forum for the IR Community

IR Buzz readers: This is an update to the original posting about Jules' IR Community Forum. He has launched a completely new forum, the 2.0 version of the Community. The "old" community forum is still up and available, and it contains the accumulated wisdom up to the point the Jules transitioned to the new forum. That is why I still want to have the links, etc. in this original Posting. Here is a link to the new and improved forum.

The original posting text follows, and the comments and ideas are valid for the 2.0 Community as well.

IR Shooters Rejoice! Jules Alexander has taken on the huge and demanding task of creating a Discussion Forum dedicated entirely to Infrared Photography.... "The Infrared Photography Community". You can stop reading now and go check it out for yourselves, just remember to thank Jules for undertaking this time consuming task.

Jules, you have created a "time monster", demanding much of your personal time, but I am SO GLAD you decided to do it. Your forum is going to be a great and popular success for every IR Shooter on the planet.

The Infrared Photography Community/

The forum is in a typical "Opening Period" of growth, experimentation, and change right now. Jules has been very open to suggestions for improvements, and he has already made some small changes which really streamline the whole reader experience. I expect it to just get better and better, as Jules finds his way with this project. He certainly starts off with a good base from which to build.

Here are some of the sections that can't help but interest you:

IR Cafe and Bar

A general gathering place for getting to know other IR Shooters.

Newbies Launch Pad

You don't have to know anything about IR to join and get started shooting with the best of 'em!

General Gear Talk

Gives you a place to ask the obvious questions about photography gear and how to "choose and use" it.

And, as of this writing 10 - Count 'em, 10 different sections to display your finished IR work for all of the other Forum readers to view and gain inspiration from. I'm not going to link to them here, as you can easily find out what's available to you when you peruse the Forum.

So, the IR Buzz Rating is an un-qualified 10 Invisible Light Waves (out of 10 possible waves). Be sure to register and participate fully. Hey, even if you are a confirmed "Lurker", you will gather great amounts of knowledge and experience here for your own IR Experience.

Go check it out!

-=- Jerry -=-

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Bruce said...

I can second Jerry's e-motion. Jules' new IR forum is attractive, intuitive and crammed full of amazing IR photos and useful information.