Sunday, October 7, 2007

Featured IR Photographer Showcase - Jim Kramer

In this, the latest Featured Showcase, we return to the United States for a visit with Jim Kramer and his home, the area around Cincinnati, Ohio. We also get to see and compare the results that Jim gets from his IR converted Canon 10D DSLR. Jim favors us with an very well written and extensive Bio, so, rather than go on here, I will just let you get to know him and his exceptional IR work. Welcome Jim!

Bio: I am a freelance photographer from Cincinnati, Ohio. My interest in photography started early in childhood. That interest became a hobby when a friend in high school took me into a B&W darkroom for the first time. I was amazed at watching the process of a print developing right before my eyes. In the early 80's I purchased my first film SLR, and started developing my own color slides in my apartment's makeshift darkroom (bathroom). I eventually ended up with a very nice color darkroom setup including a computer controlled color enlarger, a cold light B&W enlarger, and a color processor. For a short time I had the pleasure of shooting a Mamiya 645 Pro, what a nice piece of equipment that was!

A few years back I sold all of my darkroom equipment, and went full digital. Today’s darkroom consists of Photoshop CS2, and a variety of plug-ins. My interest in infrared photography began about a year ago when I stumbled upon a few galleries on PBase featuring IR work. I fell in love with both the false color, and ultra high contrast B&W capabilities that IR brings to the digital world. I quickly purchased a R72 external filter for my Canon 10D, and started experimenting. My first attempts were very disappointing. I started researching the subject on the internet, looking for as much information as I could possibly find. I quickly discovered the 'IR Converted DSLR' options that were available. I decided that this was the route for me, and I sent my {now spare} 10D off for conversion.

I have to say that converting my 10D is one of the best things I have ever done. It has opened up a whole new world of photographic possibilities for me. Certainly conversion is not the best option for everyone. I would not recommend it for those who only have one camera! However, if you happen to have a spare body left after an upgrade, it's an excellent way to open up new possibilities and a whole new world when looking through the lens! I always have my IR camera with me when I go out shooting, but there are certain conditions that are 'prime' for IR (at least to me). I really love to shoot IR on bright sunny days when the sun is high in the sky. Big fluffy clouds in a deep blue sky are always an added bonus. I have a special fondness for high contrast B&W shots, and I have found that IR can add that extra punch to an already special shot when converted to black and white. Shots with a lot of green foliage in them are always great subject matter for IR as well. Sometimes you never know how a shot will turn out when you shoot it with infrared. It almost seems to see through some colors. I have a shot of an American flag that looks almost completely white, it's quite odd looking. For me the best thing about adding the IR camera to my arsenal was expanding the possibilities for every shot I see. I am constantly thinking "what would this shot look like in IR" when I am looking at a scene. Hopefully, that constant thought process will help improve my results. Ultimately that's what we all desire, to become better photographers.

Here are a few of my favorite IR images.

Here's a link to my IR Gallery

Jim Kramer's IR Galleries

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Let Jim know how much you enjoy and appreciate our visit to his part of the world and his Fantastic IR Work!

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Bruce said...

Jim, I'm a Cincinnati boy -- graduated from Withrow High School in 1961. Your wonderful IR images of that grand city always make me homesick.

Your ir work is fantastic. Thanks for sharing on this blog.

oVan said...

Hi Jim, no surprises here... your selection here, and your bigger galleries on PBase are filled with really beautiful and powerful IR photos.
Thank you for sharing!

Peter said...


I adore your IR work, so very versatile and perfectly finished off .. definitely a fan !!!


prb2391 said...

Wonderful IR work Jerry. I'm enjoying the Infrared Photography Buzz site.
lanky 23