Sunday, October 21, 2007

Guest Article: Modify the Sony 717 for IR -- Niek Haak

Frequent Guest Article contributor, Niek Haak is back with a comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial to show you exactly how to modify a Sony DSC-F717 for shooting Infrared in all camera modes. The Sony 717 is well known as an excellent IR tool when you use it's unique "Nightshot" feature. Nightshot however has some limitations. On this model, shutter speed is limited to 1/60 second or slower, and the Aperture is automatically set wide open, usually F2.0. Although Nightshot is very useful, many 717 owners dream of being able to shoot action scenes in IR at very fast shutter speeds. Creative IR shooters also wish they could set a custom white balance, which can open up new worlds of false color in IR. Aperture and DOF control are also missed by Nightshot users. Well, here Niek presents the mod of your dreams, and shows you exactly how to do it yourself. If you decide that you are not skilled enough, or brave enough to do it yourself, this article is still great information, providing you an in-depth look at what a professional will be doing to mod your 717 for you. The article is structured into 6 logical pages, so be sure to page thru all of them to get the full story.

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Bruce said...

Thanks for a most helpful article, Niek: well written with excellent photos.

More than a little daunting, however, but I especially appreciate your section covering matters after the modification, as I've had my F707 ir modified professionally. I'm too "chicken" to do one on my own.

Anne B said...

I also have an F707. Do you mind telling me who did your conversion?

Infrared Photography Buzz said...

Anne, Bruce may not see this, so I will suggest that you look at the "useful links" section here at the Buzz. I have a few links to people who professionally modify digital cameras for IR. You may call them and check to see if they do the F707. I know maxmax does, (or used to).

Best of luck, the 707 is an awesome IR camera.

-=- Jerry -=-

Ale said...

I have a F717, and i find your article some time ago, but i didn't do the modification at that time...
now a friend of mine (who loves to mod things) say that he would do it to me, but the images in your article are missed..