Saturday, May 3, 2008

Featured IR Photographer Showcase - Jack Chia

Another Singapore guy shows up here on the latest IR Buzz Feature with some really special work. You know, since I've started this endeavour, the IR Buzz, I have had many, many "WOW" moments when I first see the work that the Featured Artists submit to the Showcase. Jack's works certainly made my jaw drop when I first opened his IR Gallery. I think that you will completely agree. Fantastic stuff! Jack Chia's IR tool of choice gives us yet another view and experience of what can be done in IR, this time with a high end Canon DSLR, a converted 5D with some really nice white "L" glass. There are so many camera choices that can produce IR, it is always good for us to examine what our peers are using, and to get ideas about what these various camera models are capable of. In addition to this, I've noticed a real trend of camera IR Block modifications to glass that blocks and allows many more parts of the light spectrum to reach the camera's sensor. Jack is not alone in not telling fully just what filter he has installed inside his 5D. Sometimes an Artist just has to keep a few secrets, and I really don't blame them. Welcome to the IR Buzz Jack!

Bio: I recall playing with my father's China-made TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) when I was young. Later, when I was slightly older, I was allowed to take some family shots with film camera but the reception I got was always less than pleasant as I habitually cropped off my family members' heads or legs in the photos. Photography really took off for me only in March 2007 when I got my first digital SLR, a Canon 400D. Digital photography opened a brand new world to me as I no longer had to worry about film and development cost, I could be trigger-happy and I could see what I had photographed almost instantly. I confess that I am now obsessed with photography. I always have my camera with me and I shoot whenever I can, be it the weekends or just a couple of hours here and there in between mundane tasks.

IR photography now forms a big chunk of my photography. I use a converted Canon 5D together with either the 17-40mm f4L lens or the 70-200mm f4L lens. Because of the way the Canon 5D has been modified, I produce mainly colour IR shots instead of monochrome images. Apart from doing landscape photography, I am always trying to move beyond that and use IR for other forms such animal photography and portrait photography. I experiment quite a lot in IR (in both shooting and processing) but I try always to be respectful of fundamental photography rules such as balance and composition.

Here are a few of my favorite IRs.

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Let Jack know how much you enjoy and appreciate his extraordinary IR Photography!

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Bruce said...

Superbly distinctive work, Jack. I especially love the portraits. Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

You've developed your own style. I like the breadth of your images. It seems you'll try IR on any subject. And the key - they all look great! Others have commented about your portraits. A typical IR portrait is, at best, ghostly. Your portraits have an atmosphere, a mood, a look that I've never seen before in IR. In my humble opinion...they are simply superb. I'll looked through them several times, and I do not tire of them. It's a pleasure to view your work.

shade said...

nice IR photography jack. i like to take a picture in IR too, but i use cheaper and worse camera tha yours. so mine won't as good as yours. keep make a good picture.

Tomas said...

very nice photos indeed! it's also known that 5D is the great camera for IR but for good photos must be good photographer as well;)

Kort said...

Super mix of the real and unreal in your work Jack!

NARNIA said...

Jack. I'm inspired. I've decided to take the plunge and do an IR conversion on my 5D. Would you recommend a full conversion or one that allows visible and IR. (Ireland)