Sunday, June 3, 2007

Contribute articles about Infrared Photography

I have had a few people approach me about the possibility of contributing Articles to the IR Buzz, articles related specifically to Infrared Photography. The inquiries I received were initially un-solicited, but after some consideration on my part, I decided I really like the idea.

No one person is the complete authority on IR Photography, and I certainly do not fill that bill. So it seems only logical to allow You, the experienced IR Shooter to offer the benefit of your experience and knowledge to the IR Community.

The highly successful, and widely read series of contributions by Niek Haak on his experience with the new Sony DSC-H9 camera has really convienced me that Reader Contributions will be a valuable resource for us all. That of coarse is what the IR Buzz is all about, providing quality information for everyone interested in Infrared Photography.

So, if you are feeling creative, compose a Guest Article and email your draft to me. The article can be about anything that has a useful relation to IR Photography. Maybe, you'd even like to detail the failures that lead to your success. Any subject at all that makes a contribution to the readers of this site will be given serious consideration. I will assist you by providing suggestions for edits, but I prefer to publish your work un-altered. I will certainly not change any facts you provide, but I know all too well, that in my own writings, I can frequently use a gentle nudge in the proper use of the English language.

Which brings up one more point, English is the language of this site, primarily because it is the only language that I am capable of speaking. I'm not too proud of myself compared to other readers here who speak multiple languages. I'm in awe of you to say the least. Heck, I barely speak a good Texan, much less proper English! ;^)

A good example of what I am saying, is that Niek's native language is Dutch. He has a very good command of English, and I am just amazed at anyone who does so well in a language not their own. Niek and I worked together, with a small amount of edit suggestions from me, all of which he approved, otherwise, I would not change a word.

I of course reserve the right to choose what I will publish here. I hope that rejections will be few, but ultimately I have to keep things on track on this site.

So, If you have something to say, send me your contributions and give everyone the benefit of your knowledge and experience.

The following Copyright Notice will appear on all contributed articles.

Copyright Statement: All images and written materials published in this Guest Article Contribution are copyrighted and are the exclusive property of the author. Images and material may not be reproduced or used in any way without the written consent of the author.

My email policy: Email me at infraredbuzz at gmail dot com. In order for me to keep valid email messages and dispense with spam you MUST include this "secret handshake" in the subject line. "scooter" (my cat's name). So for example: your subject line would look something like this "scooter hey Jerry I have IR info for you". If I don't see that word somewhere in the subject line, into the cosmic bit bucket goes the email, no exceptions (unless I happen to recognize your email addy). Thanks for your understanding. I expect a lot of unfamiliar email traffic.


-=- Jerry -=-

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