Saturday, February 9, 2008

Featured IR Photographer Showcase - Dannie Tjahjono

Well hello again IR Shooters. Once again we skip across the world to find another super talented IR Photographer, Dannie Tjahjono. Dannie hails from Indonesia, and I might add, does a very good job of capturing scenes from his world in Infrared. Dannie, (as he will tell you in his Bio.,) uses a Sony DSC-F717 for his IR work. This workhorse IR camera is the one that many of us cut our IR teeth on, and many, myself included, still consider it one of our primary tools when we go afield searching for IR. Welcome to the IR Buzz Dannie Tjahono!

Bio: My name is Dannie Tjahjono, I am from Indonesia and I have been living in Singapore for 8 years with my wife. My first experience with camera was when my ex-girlfriend (who is my wife now) gave me an Olympus film camera. It's a good camera but still, I felt I need to upgrade to a digital camera as I could see the result instantly. One of my friends advised me to buy Sony F717, this was the turning point where I started learning photography.

The IR photography came to my attention when somebody 'scolded' my pictures and challenged me for IR picture. I would say, the IR Buzz is one my favorites website where I learned IR in the beginning. Some of my favorites IR photographers who inspire me are Niek Haak and Joseph Levy and I really thank you to John Buffin who guided me so well when I was in learning curve pain. (Editor's Note: Dannie sent me a link to John's IR work and it is really good! John, if you are reading this, please consider a Feature here to share your talents with our readership.)

I am using my lovely Sony F717 with Hoya IR72 plus CPL and (sometimes) ND4 in nightshot mode. It's more fun as I do not need to use tripod. Till now, I have no plan to modify this camera yet.

Why do I love IR? The Color! What I don't like IR? Have to take on a very day hot sun! What's my challenge? To make my IR picture as good as a modified IR camera. It might be very difficult or even my day dreaming, but it makes me to keep learning and explore.

Some of my favorite IR shots:

Dannie's IR Gallery

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Let Dannie know how much you enjoy and appreciate his wonderful IR Photography!

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Bruce said...

Very nice IR work, Dannie. You really make that Sony F717 "sing."

Dannie Tj. said...

Thx Bruce.

Indeed an honor to be featured here and have a compliment from you :)

Kort said...

Lovely photos and superb composition Dannie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dannie
That first photo is something else.
keep up the good work.
Fast Eddie 65

arleao said...

Hello Dannie,

nice IR photos, mostly those with blue mood.
By the way, could you let me know your workflow to do this blue mood?

Antonio Leão

trish_lawish said...

hi danny (though i dont know you lol)

just wanted to say that your photos are so inspiring. you have some SERIOUS composition in these photos. so far i am in LOVE with the black and white city!! I cannot stress enough how much I love that photo. Do you mind if I write about you for an assigment in my photograhy class? if so my email is: please try to contact me with whatever information your willing to share : ) THANKS!