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Book Review: Digital Infrared Photography - Photo Workshop

Here's something new and different for the Buzz. I found a book dedicated to IR Photography, and decided to do a Book Review on it. The book is titled Digital Infrared Photography - Photo Workshop - develop your digital photography talent, and is authored by Deborah Sandidge. One thing I particularly like about this book is the way Deborah continuously urges the reader to develop good photographic skills while learning to photograph in Infrared. "Seeing" the photo, being creative, and scene composition are equally important in all photography, not just in conventional color photography. Talent needs to be encouraged and cultivated to produce good IR images. More about the book later, but first lets meet the author.

Bio: Deborah Sandidge. Photography has been part of award-winning professional photographer, author, and instructor, Deborah Sandidge's life since she picked up her first camera. It has evolved into her passion. Deborah is the author of Digital Infrared Photography PhotoWorkshop, Wiley Publishing. She is an instructor at, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with infrared photographers in online classes. She is the cofounder and Creative Director of the League of Creative Infrared Photographers (, which was established to promote the excitement, and creativity of infrared photography.

Deborah’s favorite photography subjects include Florida’s birds and wildlife, as well as its landscapes. Her travels have not been limited to Florida’s fascinating beauty; they have taken her from border to border of America and beyond to yield photography that stretches the imagination. She has had the joy and privilege of photographing areas ranging from Namibia, Africa, with its stunning dunes, primitive tribal villages, beautiful people, and sweeping coastlines, to the cities and towns of Switzerland, Germany, and France with their rich history, majestic mountains, tiny churches, soaring cathedrals, and captivating night scenes. Recently, Deborah traveled to Cuba, a photographer’s dream location.

Deborah’s passion is not only capturing images of people, places, and things with her digital cameras, but also in the enhancing the creative work she does in the digital darkroom.

Deborah's Web Site

In this Book, Deborah really covers all of the bases, giving anyone just starting a good foundation in photography as well as the nuts and bolts of Infrared Photography. I think you can get an idea of what to expect from the following list of book chapters.

Chapter 1: What Exactly Is IR Light. An easy to understand discussion on the properties of light and where IR lies in the spectrum. Also the use of IR Filters, and IR-converted Cameras.

Chapter 2: Visualizing and Capturing IR Images. RAW and JPG, Setting White Balance, Exposure, Using Flash, and many more relevant topics.

Chapter 3: Essentials of IR Composition. Composition elements related to IR results, Lens Choice, and Personal IR Style.

Chapter 4: Capturing Specific Subjects. Architecture. Landscapes, People, and other subjects.

Chapter 5: Special Effects for Creative In-Camera Images. Long Exposures, Reflections, Textures, Zooming, Overlays, Filters, and Painting with Light.

Chapter 6: Planning Ahead for High Dynamic Range and Photomerge. HDR is a good tool for creative IR images. Software, Shooting for HDR, Post Processing, and even Panoramas.

Chapter 7: Processing IR Images in Photoshop. Always a subject that generates many questions. Many good Post Processing techniques explained in detail.

Chapter 8: Working Creatively in Photoshop. Ideas for using the power of Photoshop to take your IR images in new and tasteful directions.

Chapter 9: Transform Color to IR Effect in Photoshop. Not always appreciated fully by the IR purist, but a number of ways are explained if you want to know how to do it.

Chapter 10: Be Inspired. Deborah wisely includes the work of nine well known and respected IR Photographers to provide creative inspiration.

Appendix: A:

Glossary - A comprehensive list of terms encountered by the IR Photographer.

Resources - An equally comprehensive listing of Resources of interest to the IR Photographer, including contact information and URL Links. Included are:

IR Filters
Camera Conversion Companies
Image Editing Software
Noise Reduction Software
HDR Software and Plug-ins
Photoshop Plug-ins
Other Assessories
Online Communities

Summary: This book is profusely illustrated, with many excellent images. Each image is annotated to provide an example or an explaination of the subject being discussed. At the end of chapters, an Assignment challenge is given to encourage hands-on experience using the knowledge imparted in the chapter. An online link is provided to share your own newly learned results. The book does an admirable job of informing any photographer just getting started in IR, as well as providing very good topical information to those with greater levels of IR Photography experience.

And Finally, the book is available for purchase on

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