Saturday, March 10, 2007

Photography Related Forum with a dedicated IR Section

Texas Photo Forum, the TPF is one of the few Photography related discussion forums that has a section dedicated to Infrared. Many other forums have IR activity in their Black & White sections, but TPF is the only forum of this type that I know of that has a Dedicated IR Section.

Be sure to drop in on the TPF to see a good deal of activity in Infrared.

Texas Photo Forum

You may just Lurk if that suites you, but to get the most value out of the forum, go ahead and Register. It's free, and you will be able to submit comments and questions, and get answers from people with a lot of experience and knowledge about things IR.

When you register, give the owner Abel a shout and tell him you saw it here.

And, BTW, you don't have to live in Texas to join this forum. People from around the world post in the IR section.

-=- Jerry -=->

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