Thursday, February 22, 2007

First IR Image Post.
This image was taken at the Texas State Fair Midway in Dallas, TX. in 2005.

(Click on the image for a full size view. )

This Image was made with a Sony DSC-F717 in Nightshot, 1/60, F2, using Hoya R-72, and ND8 filters.

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-=- Jerry -=-


Anonymous said...

I'm repeating this question;
I have a Sony f717 and want to know how to turn off the annoying focus (?) assist light that causes the center of a photo to have a bright circle in the middle. Can I do that? Also, how did you set your shutter speed? The only way I can use night shot is in a program mode. I'm guessing that's where the ND filter comes in..
any help appreciated

Mary in Fort Myers

Anonymous said...


I sent an email to your gmail account.

Be glad to clear things up for you about IR and the Sony 717. It's a great IR Shooter and really easy to use.

talk to you there about specifics.

-=- Jerry -=-