Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Featured IR Photographer Showcase - Kort Kramer

In this Featured IR Photographer Showcase we welcome the talents and creativity of Kort Kramer. Kort shows us just how successful you can be in Digital IR using the smaller cameras, both modded for IR and un-modded. His work proves that there is no requirement for expensive modded DSLRs and lenses to get stunning images. Good Stuff! Welcome Kort!

Bio: My interest in photography had to start with my father. He was always taking photos for picture albums and family slide shows. Being in the Air Force, he (and the rest of us) got to travel to some exotic and photogenic locations over the years. Dad let me use his old 35mm TopCon when I took photography classes in high school and then later in college (the University of Florida), where I first used infrared film. Upon graduation, I worked as a newspaper photographer for a short time before moving on to other things. Fast forward about 10 years to the advent of consumer grade digital cameras. My first was an Olympus C-3030wz and I've been re-hooked on photography ever since. I first started experimenting with digital IR after happening across an image online. I never forgot the appeal of dark skies and glowing vegetation, and wanted to try it out for myself. My first foray was to get a Hoya R72 for my Olympus C-8080wz and while it is not the easiest camera to get a decent image from, it was a lot more rewarding than working with 35mm IR film had been. I recently purchased a Sony DSC-P200 with the hot mirror removed and replaced with a Wratten 87 filter. Being able to shoot IR handheld has been such a revelation and I have not stopped snapping since!

Here are a few of Kort's images.

And here's a Link to Kort's Gallery.

Kort's IR Gallery

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oVan said...

Hi Kort, excellent infrared photos you have on display here and on Flickr. I find it very refreshing to see those exotic destinations in cool gray and blues, a big difference from my warm colored forest IRs. Thanks for sharing!
Kind regards, oVan

Bruce said...


Your IR Gallery is superb with sharp, clear and always well-composed images. Thanks for coming on here and sharing with us.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Jerry's IR Gallery Kort. Thanks for sharing with us your IR world and your terrific images.


Kort said...
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Kort said...

Thank all for your kind comments!
I have another modded P200 that I am playing around with that can get false color so that should be fun!