Saturday, August 25, 2007

Modify the Sony 717 for IR -- Disconnect Ribbon Cables

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Remove internal ribbon cables K-N. Now things get more delicate. Be careful that you don't touch sensitive electronic components or damage the fragile flex cables. First remove cables K and L from their connector by gently pulling them from their sockets (removing L is not strictly necessary, but for your first try I certainly recommend it). Note that the correct position for cable L is BEHIND the small metal part from the zoom ring assembly. For cables M and N you first have to unlock the sockets by flipping up the brown covers with a flat screw driver. The next pictures show this in more detail.

Unlock M/N flex connectors. Unlock connectors for cables M / N by flipping up the brown clamp with a small screwdriver. make sure that you do not scratch the ribbon cables with the screwdriver!

M/N connectors close view. This is how the connectors look like from above (or actually side ...). The right one has been unlocked and the left connector is still locked. After you have unlocked the connectors, gently remove the ribbon cables from their sockets.

Disconnect Q1/Q2 ribbon cables. Now you can access the tiny Q1/Q2 ribbon cables that are behind ribbon cable M. They are not locked, simply remove them by gently pulling in the right direction. the next picture shows the position of Q1/Q2 from the other side.

Remove Q1/Q2 ribbon cables. Looking down on the camera assembly from this side it's easier to see cables Q1 and Q2 in this picture both cables have been disconnected (red arrows point to the connectors).

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Please... this blog is EXACTLY what I need to service my f717... how can I find the missing photos ? Thanks