Saturday, August 25, 2007

Modify the Sony 717 for IR -- Remove Lens Assembly

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Remove screw C1 (and B2/3). In order to remove the lens assembly from the camera shell, remove screw C1. If you didn't already remove screws B2 and B3 earlier, do it now (it's easier to remove them now, because that way they keep the lens unit fixed firmly in the shell while you are removing the ribbon cables. If you have disconnected all ribbon cables the complete lens assembly can now be removed. It is not necessary to remove the zoom/focus ring, in fact it helps to protect the lens assembly while you are working on it. However, with the ring still connected it is more difficult to remove the lens assembly from the camera shell. If you decide to remove the zoom/focus ring, make sure you also have disconnected ribbon cable L.

Focus ring removed. This is how the camera looks with the right lens assembly cover removed, ribbon cables disconnected and zoom/focus ring removed. Note that the front lens is now exposed, so you have to be careful not to scratch it (that's why I prefer to keep the zoom ring on) .

Remove lens assembly. The lens assembly can now be removed (gently angle and pull out) from the camera shell. There is some plastic insulation material between the back of the lens assembly and the camera (ribbon cables). Make sure to put it back in the right place during assembly.

Empty camera shell. This is how the camera looks with the lens assembly removed you can now better see the location/direction of the ribbon cables (K and L blue, M, N, Q1, Q2 brown).

Lens assembly. Lens assembly viewed from the side (note tripod socket at the bottom) .

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