Saturday, August 25, 2007

Modify the Sony 717 for IR -- Open Hot Mirror Chamber

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Remove CCD sensor PCB. At the back of the lens assembly is the PCB with the CCD image sensor. We have to remove this PCB to get at the hot mirror assembly. To remove the PCB first disconnect ribbon cable R, then remove screws D1 and D2. The next picture shows in close up how to remove the ribbon cable .

Disconnect ribbon cable R. To disconnect cable R first unlock the brown clamp by pulling in the direction of the ribbon (not by flipping the clamp like with M/N). Important: the CCD module is extremely sensitive to static electricity, do not touch the ribbon cable contacts or the electronic components. The picture shows how the CCD module will look with the clamp unlocked and cable disconnected. When you proceed, the inside of the optical system is exposed. Be careful to protect everything from dust particles, fingerprints etc.

CCD sensor PCB removed. The PCB with the CCD image sensor can now be removed. Store it in a safe place without touching the sensor (e.g. put it upside down on a small cup, so the sensor is not exposed).

Open hot mirror chamber. After removing the sensor PCB you can see the hot mirror (infrared blocking filter) depending on the direction of light and your view, it has an intense purple glow. To access the hot mirror we have to open the hot mirror chamber. You need to remove three small black, and three small silver screws (blue/red arrows). You also have to remove screw E1 that holds the small PCB for the motor that moves the hot mirror.

Remove back of hot mirror chamber. After removing the 7 screws, the back part of the hot mirror chamber can be removed. It is still connected to the main lens assembly by the power cable for the motor. The safest way to do this is to rest the lens assembly on the zoom/focus ring (lens cap). Gently lift the top (back part) of the hot mirror chamber. While doing this you have to manipulate the motor power cable in order to get more room to work. I recommend you leave the back part of the hot mirror assembly connected to the rest of the lens module.

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